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10 Most Instagrammable Spots in Sarasota

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Happy Monday Everyone!

So I have spent all weekend planted in front of my computer trying to plan my upcoming trip to Europe. I will be exploring the Alps for 7 weeks and could not be more pumped!!! While I was picking out places to go I realized something, I do the majority of my planning through Pinterest. I mean I will literally spend hours scrolling through pictures, just searching for crazy views or unique spots! I actually plan my entire trips based on locations that I want to go to. But if you really think about, isn't that why we travel to certain places? If you go to Paris, you want to find the best view of the Eiffel Tower. Or when you go to Bora Bora, you'll want the perfect water bungalow. We are always searching for the picture perfect spots around the globe!

That's when it hit me… I know all of those spots right here in Sarasota, Florida! There are so many of you fellow travelers who will be heading down to the Sunshine State, especially now during the winter months where it's too cold to go outside up North. So I wanted to put together a quick list of some of my favorite spots all around the city. For exact locations and direction, just click the little location icon under the picture you like!

Here are the 10 Most Instagramable Spots in Sarasota:

1. Turtle Beach

If you want some gorgeous sunset pictures but you don't feel like dealing with the crowd, head down to the opposite end of Siesta Key to Turtle Beach!
turtle beach
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2. Ritz Carlton Beach Club

Nothing says instagramable more than this walkway to the Ritz Carlton Beach Club on Longboat Key. Who doesn't love an endless view of the ocean?
think gypsy ritz carlton beach club
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3. Siesta Key Beachside Villas

This has always been one of my favorite spots because it is so tropical!
think gypsy at beachside villas
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4. Art Ovation Rooftop

This rooftop pool is one of my personal favorites! Between the clean white look and the perfect view of downtown, you're bound to take endless pictures here!
art ovation roof top pool location 1
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5. Beer Can Island

This is a little local treasure. Not only is the beach always empty but if you wander through the mangroves and bushes you will come to a hidden oasis of old trees and branches all over the beach.
think gypsy at beer can island rocks
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6. Bird Key Point

On your way to Longboat Key, this little park is a must-see! With giant palm trees and a perfect view of downtown Sarasota, it is photo ready!
think gypsy at bird key park
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7. Siesta Key Village

Located right between the restaurants The Cottage and The Hub, this cute blue wall is always a popular photo spot. Grab an ice cream cone from Big Olaf and walk right over.
siesta key village
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8. Downtown

If you drive through the little neighborhoods in Downtown Sarasota, you will see some of the most charming and unique houses. Sometimes I like to just grab my camera and walk around, you're bound to find the perfect picture spot here!
think gypsy at house downtown sarasota
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9. Siesta Key Beachside Villas Hammock or Surfboard Shower

This adorable vacation rental is right on the beach next to the Siesta Key Village. It has the most amazing palm trees with a cute hammock for the perfect tropical vibe! Plus, the blue surfboard is everything you could ever dream of for an outdoor shower!
beachside villas hammock 1
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10. Caspersen Beach

If you take an afternoon to drive down to Venice, you should absolutely stop by Caspersen Beach. If you walk down the beach for about 15 minutes you will come across these hanging palm trees that are bound to give your pictures that extra tropical feeling!
think gypsy caspersen beach
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