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Best Breakfast and Brunch Places in Sarasota

Station 400

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400 North Lemon Avenue    941-906-1400 

Breakfast • Lunch • Outdoor Seating • Catering
Top10Tip: Station Burger, Omlettes, Grains and Cereals ...
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3900 Clark Road    941-923-4054 

Always fresh and delicious... and always changing.

Phone us for a description of today's Daily Special Meal and also ask about Daily Quiche ...
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Kurtos Chimney Cake

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1312 Main Street    (941) 203-8541 

Freshly baked sweet & savory pastries & sandwich breads with a variety of toppings and fillings. Urban casual grab & go food: quick, fresh, ...
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C'est La Vie

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1553 Main Steet    941-906-9575 

Coffee Shop • Breakfast • Lunch • Pastries
Top10 Tip: Monte Carlo Sandwich, Crepes, Quiches, Fruit Tarts, C'EST LA VIE is located ...
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Village Cafe

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5133 Ocean Blvd.    941 349 2822 

top10 Tip: Dine close to the beaches, scenic walkways and the unique shops in the Siesta Village. Village Cafe is in the heart of ...
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Pastry Art Bakery

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1512 Main Street    941-955-7545 

Coffee Shop • Breakfast • Lunch • Pastry Bakery • Outdoor Seating
Top10 Tip: Pastries, Prosciutto Panini ...
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The Original Egg

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4031 Clark Road    941-922-2868 

The Original Egg has been a breakfast, lunch and cocktail tradition with locals and celebrities alike since 1985. The Original Egg is family owned ...
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5520 Palmer Blvd    (941) 487-8949 

Buttermilk Vote for this business

Breakfast and Lunch are the best times with family! Vote for your favorite Breakfast and Lunch in Sarasota.

Our selection of Top 10 Breakfast and Brunch offers a choice of the best Breakfast and Brunch restaurants in Sarasota. Everything from traditional breakfast, like classic omelets, quiches, endless Pancakes or ham and eggs and much more ...
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