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Help for the National Cemetery

National Cemetery Wreath Collection
On Saturday the 13th of January, 2013, Maverick, this time without Lulu :) from the radio station 106.5 CTQ was hosting a small event at the National Cemetery. The National Cemetery on Clark Road in Sarasota is the sixth National Cemetery in Florida. There will be at least 18,000 veterans rested there.

Each grave was decorated with a wreath for Christmas, and now it was time to get friends over to help collect the wreaths from the graves of the veterans. We collected all the wreaths and put them in a pile. Next to the pile, we had a huge recycle container and we threw them all in! Then a big truck came and pushed all of the wreaths down so that we can fit in more.

It was all really great working together like a big family but the adventure began when some biker dudes came and offered their help. They looked really cool. I also got a picture with them! Next year you should be there. It was a good feeling to help in this community event. Thanks Maverick, you can count on me again next time!

A Community Tip by Nina Edelsbacher

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