$4 Side Pull & Cask-inspired Pours - Every Thursday

Thursday Nov 23 2023 thru Thursday Dec 28 2023     12:00 pm thru 10:00 pm

Location: Calusa Brewing  

We are introducing "Side Pull Thursdays" featuring two different pours straight from our Side Pull Tap. PLUS for a limited time we're including our Ravenhold Pub Ale on cask-inspired draft in the Thursday special.

$4 Side Pull Pours are only available on Thursdays.

Slow pour: Good things come to those who wait! You drink with your eyes first and this is the most beautiful presentation of the pilsner. When you slow pour, you vigorously pour to the bottom of the glass creating lots of foam, you let the beer settle and then repeat. This process knocks out some of the CO2 which makes the body more supple and provides a pop in the nose.

Mliko pour: Mliko is the Czech word for milk, used to describe the pour given its' appearance. It is essentially a glass full of wet foam. It creates a creamy pour that looks like milk and tastes sweet and smooth. The wet foam should be drank quickly, that way you can enjoy the hoppy aroma of the foam before it settles into beer.