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Pilates of Sarasota

5725 Lawton Dr, Sarasota, FL, 34233

(941) 993-8316

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3D Pilates in Motion owner Shannon Willits has effectively integrated the disciplines of STOTT PILATES® and Applied Functional Science™ into a commonsense practice. That's what she's done for her clients who say that their lives are changed for the better. Your life can be changed as well!

Functional Assessment
As part of your Functional Assessment you'll receive a postural analysis, which will tell us where you're strong, weak, tight, loose. This is important for determining the proper types of movements to improve your posture, strength, flexibility, etc.

Private Training
Private training is important for anyone new to exercise and pilates or for anyone who is working with an injury. Private sessions are programmed based specifically on the results of the functional assessment.

Duet Training
Duet Training is a great way to workout with a friend and is more economical than private training. It can be great fun too! With Duet training, you still receive all of the benefits of private training at a lower price.

Group Classes
Group Classes are a logical progression from private training once you've mastered the basics. We offer a variety of opportunities and price ranges of group classes from Level 1 Matwork to Functional TRX Level 2 and more.