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The Ultimate Florida Date Night at Beach Bistro

Champagne glasses clink just as the sky explodes into color. Pinks and oranges dance across the horizon as the sun sets and the sounds of crashing waves whisper around. Now that's what I call a romantic way to start a dinner date!

We recently got to try out The Ultimate Beach Date Spot and Beach Bistro on Anna Maria Island and I just have one word for you... Romance! There is something about sitting at a table in the sand while watching the Florida sunset that is just unbeatable! Now, there is something that you need to remember, there are a lot of places in Florida that offer dinner with a view. But nothing even comes close to an elegant table right on the beach. Sand between your toes and champagne in your hand. I don't know if it is the colors or the dreamy atmosphere, but it is definitely a must-see date night.
We started out with some of their famous salads. I know saying a salad is famous might sound a little weird, but when you have a perfect green medley served with actual sorbet on top to add to the flavor profile, it qualifies as famous.

We then devoured the lobster-escargot. It is a garlic buttery restaurant favorite!
salads beach bistro
Then to really spoil our taste buds we got the highly recommend lamb! Not only did the meat seem to melt in our mouth but the mix of sauces added flavors that I only wish I could describe.
pork chops beach bistro
As just as our night was coming to a close, beach bistro had one more trick up its sleeve,.. dessert! Now I'm not talking about just some regular slice of cake. I'm talking about a rich chocolate ganache cake covered in praline ice cream and raspberry reduction. If you are as nuts about chocolate as I am... this is something that you really really can't skip!!
desserts beach bistro