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Helicopter Rides above the Tampa Skyline

helicopter at skyway
As we soar through the sky, the cool wind hitting my face, all I hear is the humming of the Helicopter blades. The Tampa Bay skyline looks so close I feel like I could touch it. Now that's what I call a Sunday morning. So how did a blogger like me end up hanging out a helicopter with two ex-bachelor contestants above the Tampa Bay skyline? I've got two words for you, No Clue!

Okay okay, that's not completely true. A while back I worked with Fly Venture, a local company that offers helicopter tours around Sarasota and Tampa. They took me up above the gorgeous Siesta Key Beaches, doors off and sun shining. It was amazing! So when they told me they were shooting a new commercial this weekend, I didn't need much convincing to join them again!

Not only did I get to explore downtown Tampa from the sky but I also got the opportunity to meet two ex-bachelor contestants, Jordan Kimball and Nick Spetsas. Together with our very talented photographer, Jake Brian, we weaved our way through the high-rises and then out to the Skyway Bridge. While Jake was inside our helicopter capturing shots like Jordan and Nick leaning out over the open ocean or me dangling my feet over the city, his partner Jeremy Reinhart was in a second helicopter circling us. Just picture this, you're driving to work and look up to see two helicopters playing the weirdest game of tag in the sky, must have been a hilarious sight! It was definitely an unforgettable experience.