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Chillounge Night - One of the best events in Sarasota!

Chillounge Night
The return to S. Palm Avenue provides the perfect ambiance for a night to remember. It provides a charming and enchanting backdrop for our event and the outpouring of support from our fan base to return to the S. Palm Avenue venue has been overwhelming.
Hundreds of chic daybeds and outdoor furnishings will once again transform S. Palm Avenue into an intimate and majestic setting for thousands to enjoy a festive evening of food, drink and entertainment. Highlights of the evening will include: Live entertainment, Chillounge Night's unique daybed parade, a dazzling Fashion Show organized by Ana Molinari, Brazilian Samba Parade, and the graceful AeroSphere Aerial Balloon Show featuring Alexandra Nock and produced by Nock Productions.

Each stunning performance will be captured live and broadcast onto two state of the art LED Walls using HD Video Streaming and making the performances come alive no matter where you are on S. Palm Avenue. LED Pro Services and VPN Studios will be providing the cutting edge technology.

GA ticket online $25 at the gate $35. VIP limited $120, a few reserved seating options available,benefiting UCP of Sarasota
Thanks to our title sponsor BMW of Sarasota, please click here to see all the