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A Fun Day at Blue Door Spa & Salon

Blue Door Spa & Salon
Don't you just want to go to a salon and be completely satisfied? Deciding where to get your hair done is one of the most difficult decisions. I have tried different salons but I have to tell you, Blue Door Spa and Salon in Bradenton is the answer to your prayers!

The interesting name comes from a school project created by the owner Nicky Lake and it just stuck. Nicky was trained at a private beauty school in Cambridge, England. She also holds diplomas in aesthetic treatments, electrical epilation and massage.
Nicky and her staff at Blue Door often donate their services at fundraisers and volunteer their time for fashion shows and events.

Blue Door Spa and Salon is an all-inclusive spa and offers a variety of treatments including: hair treatments, body care, facials, manicures, pedicures, massages, waxing, and much more. Because this salon seems to do it all I decided to check it out.

When I walked in, the owner, Nicky, greeted me with a warm smile at the front desk. I was lead back into the hair salon area. While sitting down and being prepared for highlights, I was able to enjoy the sound of the water falls and the soft music playing in the background. I was offered something to drink and given a stack of magazines so I would not get bored during the long procedure. After all of the highlights were done I was brought to a room next door where I got my hair washed while sitting in a massage chair. While I relaxed, I was also offered a scalp massage. After this, I got to try one of their specialties, a keratin treatment. This treatment helps smoothen and fix damaged hair. It also creates a barrier for heat and anything else that could further damage hair. The treatment was applied to my wet hair, which was then blow-dried and straightened.

After I was all done I got a tour of the entire salon and I was amazed. The salon is built in a circle. It starts out in the reception area. Then the circle begins to the left with the hair salon, continues on with a sauna and a men's locker room, then there are the manicure and pedicure rooms, and finally there a number of massage and waxing rooms followed by the woman's locker room ending up back in the reception area. The whole salon has a very relaxing tranquil feel to it due to the calming blue colors and the fancy decorations. Overall my experience at the Blue Door Spa and Salon was very enjoyable and my hair looked fantastic!

Thank you Nicky and Blue Door Team for this great experience!

by Kim

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