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Joyful learning in Sarasota. Possible?

Freedom is what everybody dreams of. I have it. Montessori gives it.
I love Montessori because I can do anything, I have the freedom to follow my dreams. And that's all I need to be happy.

We all have different goals, different views about education and school. Learning in an environment that allows you to have fun makes a big difference. Montessori gives you a chance to speak up and to express your opinion, stand up for your believes. That's why Montessori kids have a bright future in front of them. We are not afraid of challenges, we approach them with an open mind.

Sarasota's NewGate Montessori school belongs to the Montessori Foundation, and Tim Seldin is our headmaster. We are a small school where everyone knows each other - it is really easy to make friends. My class is my second family. We might not like each other all the time but we know so much about each other that we are basically like brothers and sisters. I know I am loved by my class; everyone is. I laugh with my friends, and I enjoy learning. If you don't believe in having fun than you won't have it. Montessori taught me that.

Our classrooms are bright and friendly. We get to listen to music while we work and I can bring my own laptop. How awesome is that! Learning at our own pace allows us to move ahead when we want to or slow down when we need to. Our teachers encourage us to find our strengths and further develop skills for things we are passionate about. They support us when we come up with own projects even if they are not part of the curriculum.

I have been in Montessori my whole life. I can't imagine anything else. My heart is Montessori; I am a Montessori kid!
Nina E.

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