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Strolling the Farmers Market Downtown

Sarasota Farmers Market
Saturday is one of my favorite days. Every Saturday morning there is Farmers Market Downtown, Sarasota, from 7 am till 1 pm with over 70 vendors! They have such cool things there. So many plants, fruits, organic veggies, flowers, music, crafts, and animals? Yes, animals! I was walking along in the Farmers Market when I saw a truck from Humane Societies. I walked into the truck and saw the cutest kitties and doggies ever! I just wanted to hug them and never let them go. I hope all of them get adopted. My favorite one was this cute black dog, he is the cutest dog in the world. Shhhh don't tell my dogs;)

Next I saw a tent with lots of flowers and the vendors uniforms were really different. They were bright pink, the guys had ties with pink polka dots and pink cowboy hats. It was so cool! I asked one of them for a picture and he said sure but the funny thing was when I walked away he whispered to his friends '' I'm a model now!''. Funny!

We kept on walking and I saw the most beautiful Rain Barrels. They weren't just ordinary rain barrels they were painted really colorful. It was very creative! I am going to paint my rain barrel just like that!
We kept on walking when suddenly I heard music. I walked through a big crowd of people and I saw this funny band singing! But oh my they were different, in a good way. Three boys and a girl with guitar and other stringed instruments played folk music. If I could share this music here with you I would (but they do sell CD's).

Even though the music was great something dragged me in a different direction. My nose was leading me to another booth. Hmm, that beautiful smell. Strawberries! I love strawberries! These smelled better than any other strawberries. Would you like to know why? They smelled so good because they were hand picked, fresh and I mean fresh from the field. I promise, when you bite into these strawberries you feel like heaven:)

At the market you can also find all kinds of other food there, even herbs! And if you get hungry, there are vendors selling burgers, hot dogs and other yummy bites. You should put the farmers market on your list for weekends and check it out. It's a lot of fun and maybe you will see me there ;)

A City Tip by Nina Edelsbacher

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