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Anybody Country?

Nina Edelsbacher with Love and Theft
On Saturday, November 24, 2012 the awesome Desoto Music Fest had been held at the Manatee County Fairgrounds. I got invited by Sharon McGlynn, director of the Hernando De Soto Historical Society (Oh boy, I hope I spelled that right).

Live singers like, Craig Campbell, Easton Corbin, Gretchen Wilson, and Love and Theft (look at the great picture I got with them:).
It was incredible! I dressed up like a real country girl. With my cowboy boots, my hat and my awesome coat. I felt like a country singer, real cool! The first singer was Craig Campbell. You know him! He sings the song Fish. I was cheering. He is one of my favorite singers. Sadly i did not get to meet him. But next up was Easton Corbin and i surely met him:) He is so cute! He signed my hat and my T-shirt. I was so happy! Love and Theft which were next were really cool, too. Of course I met them and they even signed my guitar! It was awesome. While they were singing i was by the stage dancing. You know how you always dream of touching their hands and they give you a pick? Well that happened to me, yah be jealous! Then Gretchen Wilson hit the stage. Before, i saw her coming out of her van and she seemed really nervous, but that is normal, even with super stars. She rocked the stage. I didn't really get to meet her because they wouldn't let me, but if i really want something i find a way to get it. So I handed my hat over and asked her if she will sign my hat. Of course no one can say no to my Angles Eyes, (Which is also a song by Love and Theft, but you knew that, right?). All of them are awesome singers, I am happy I went to the concert!

Besides the concert you can fill your belly with funnel cakes, hotdogs, strawberry shortcakes, burgers, and more. You don't have a cowboy hat? Don't worry you can buy one there. They have all kinds of booths and lots of kids activities, even a stage for young talents to show off.

And you know who else i ran into Maverick and Lulu, from the country radio station 106.5 CTQ.
They also signed my hat and who knows, maybe I can be at their morning show one time;)

This was one great night. And i am definitely going next year!
I hope to see you there! :)

A City Tip by Nina Edelsbacher

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