Sage Sensual Sensory Supper

Sage Sensual Sensory Supper

Friday Feb 14 2020     6:30 pm thru 11:00 pm

Location: Sage SRQ  
It's time to excite your senses this Valentines Day and explore a new vision and understanding to the culinary landscape. Smell, feel, & taste your way through an experience that a can only be described as "sensual".

Bring your Valentine and all five senses to a true dining experience. Please allow chef to treat you to craft cocktails & cuisine - all while blindfolded, evoking flavors in a very different way than you have ever experienced!

Chef will be conducting an atmosphere free of expectations, limits, and understanding by igniting all five senses to create a culinary experience benefiting the Designing Daughters Charity.

Tickets are EXTREMELY limited and will see out fast. Visit the link below for your tickets.