Sarasota Chalk Festival

Sarasota Chalk Festival

Friday Apr 5 2019     8:00 am thru 9:00 pm

Location: Burns Square : Events  
Join us as the Sarasota Chalk Festival "Museum in Motion" comes back after 6 years to its original location in Historic Burns Square, downtown Sarasota.

A cultural event the welcomes world renowned artists to use the pavement on South Pineapple Avenue as their canvas and chalk as their medium to create oversized masterpieces while the guests becomes the integral part of the creative process as the observer. A breathtaking international experience as the artists paintings comes to life over the course of three days.

During the evening, we will host illumination nights by lining the streets with votives and wine tastings - great for a romantic stroll.

Join us Sunday evening at 9 PM for the last viewing of the completed work as the City of Sarasota will require the art be washed away before Midnight.

Mark your calendar and come each day to experience the act of creation from beginning to end.

If you wish to become more involved as a sponsor or volunteer or to find out more about the festival, please go to