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Beulah Restaurant

1766 Main Street, Sarasota, FL, 34236


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Romantic Restaurant • Mediterranean Cuisine • Outdoor Seating

From the Romans to Peruvians and everything in between. Beulah is mixing the causal with the extreme of fine dinning they want the entire gastronomic culture at their helm.
It definitely has its own unique style ready to break all the rules and please everyones needs.

It's fun and unique. Very unique. People love how they are transformed by the pair of over sized black Gothic benches that act as book ends when arriving.

Full service bar and an outdoor Tropical Lani under a real roof with a beautifully handmade wood bar.
There is also a brick patio for the smokers next to the street alley which seats 8-10 persons only, and Dogs allowed.

Beulah is a Semi Fine dinning restaurant that you might say leans more to the fine dinning side. For us it is still has it's unique Italian influence that we know from Flavio!