Sarasota Trolley

P.O.Box 5718, Sarasota, FL, 34277

941 346-3115


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top10 Tip: Trolleys are a great way to see Sarasota and the surrounding area. Sarasota Trolley can make sight seeing or events a fun experience for all. The memories will be long lasting.

Their Open-Air trolleys enable you to enjoy the Florida sunshine and incredible vistas. And should there be weather change, the trolleys can be sealed watertight.

Sarasota Trolley has been providing fun transportation to the Sarasota area for over twenty years. They pride themselves in taking the ordinary event/outgoing, and making it a unique outing and experience for all those going along for the ride.

Barron, a retired school bus driver, had worked for the company, loved the life and fell completely in love with the Trolleys. Ron is a retired fireman who has a passion for sharing the Sarasota area to all who visit here. The combination of their backgrounds translates to "Safety First" standards and a desire to serve.

The Trolley drivers have all been school bus drivers, either still driving for the schools, or retired. Their skills and patience are legendary. The person behind the scenes, the business Manager/Event Planner, is the one who will help you make your event/outing a memorable one.